1n a 1925 booklet, the Portland Cement Association praises the superior qualities of concrete fence posts. Apparently at that time these posts were becoming very popular for several reasons. Concrete posts:

  • become stronger with age
  • are not damaged by fireconcrete mailbox post
  • weeds along the fence line can be burned without damaging posts
  • are not affected by weather, insects or fungi
  • will not rot
  • reducing expense and time of replacement
  • are uniform in size and shape
  • easy to line up and set for an attractive appearance
  • stay put

Concrete fence posts are fairly easy to make if you have the right molds. Their final shape will be determined by the molds used. metal molds are acceptable. At the time the booklet was printed, metal molds for posts were available to purchase. at kafum engineering works we have been fabricating concrete fence posts molds for more than ten years and can proundly say that our molds are the best.



fencing post mould


post molds


concrete post molds

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