block making machine

block making machine


Kafum block making machine otherwise kown as plate type making machine is a robust machine that can make variouse type of bock based on the plate used. There are several advantages of using concrete building blocks in construction whether it is residential or commercial construction. The broad use of concrete blocks, or CMUs, is not just limited to industrial buildings, foundations, or retaining walls. ... A home built out of concrete block provides the homeowner with many benefits, including design flexibility, durability, efficiency among other benefits.  However, One of the major advantage concrete blocks hold over other construction materials is durability. Concrete does not rot or mold and is not damaged by insects or other pests. It is also fireproof, and a concrete block wall can be used as a firewall between rooms or structures. There are several methods of making concrete blocks both manual and by use of concrete block making machine. Kafum Plate type block machine is a robust muchine that has the capability to make a wide range of blocks and very high speed.

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