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as every good construction expert will tell you that a waffle slabs provide a lighter and stiffer slab than an equivalent flat slab, reducing the extent of foundations. They provide a very good form of construction where slab vibration is an issue, such as laboratories and hospitals.waffle mold
compared to ribbed slabs, waffle slabs tend to be deeper than the equivalent ribbed slab. Waffle slabs have a thin topping slab and narrow ribs spanning in both directions between column heads or band beams. The column heads or band beams are the same depth as the ribs. to produce a good waffle one need to consider the waffle mold its made on. trust me you cannot compromise on this. below are some advantages of using waffle in your construction.Flexible

  • Relatively light, therefore less foundation costs and longer spans are economic
  • Speed of construction
  • Fairly slim floor depths
  • Robustness
  • Excellent vibration control
  • Thermal mass
  • Good for services integration
  • Durable finishes
  • Fire resistance