Vibration Table

Vibration Table





Concrete vibrators consolidate freshly poured concrete so that trapped air and excess water are released and the concrete settles firmly in place in the formwork. Improper consolidation of concrete can cause product defects, compromise the concrete strength, and produce surface blemishes such as bug holes and honeycombing. Vibrating tables or shake tables are sometimes used to test products to determine or demonstrate their ability to withstand vibration. Testing of this type is commonly done in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. These machines are capable of producing three different types of vibration profile sine sweep, random vibration, and synthesized shock. In all three of these applications, the part under test will typically be instrumented with one or more accelerometers to measure component response to the vibration input. A sine sweep vibration profile typically starts vibrating at low frequency and increases in frequency at a set rate (measured in hertz per second or hertz per minute). The vibratory amplitude as measured in gs may increase or decrease as well. A sine sweep will find resonant frequencies in the part. A random vibration profile will excite different frequencies along a spectrum at different times. Kafum engineering services offers affordable, effective and durable vibrating tables to suit any industrial or construction application. From settling material for shipping or consolidating concrete, kafum has a Vibrating Table solution to meet your needs.
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Kafum Vibrating Tables Help Reduce Costs


Vibrating screen

Concrete and Construction Applications

Reduce the need to trowel during pours
Reduce or eliminate the need to hand finishing to remove flaws caused by trapped air
 Dramatically improve product quality and reduce defects without increasing costs

Industrial Applications
 Put more material into smaller containers
 Ship less air
 Reduce overflow and spillover waste at filling stations
 Perform fatigue testing
 Top quality, fastest delivery

Size 4”x4”
Electric Motor 5Hp
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Vibration table