ISSB Machine

ISSB Machine


makingaInterlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB) technology has been gaining recognition in East Africa, particularly in Kenya. The material and method of construction has the advantages of low cost and minimal environmental impact, while providing comparable quality to conventional fired brick construction. at kafum engineering we are committed to designing and manufacturing interlocking stabilized soil brick  machines (ISSB) in Kenya using high quality material yet maintaining the affordability factor. this has seen many young people start micro stabilized soil brick manufacturing plants, creating jobs and providing livelihood for thousands of families in Kenya. also known as makiga stabilized soil block machine, many Kenyans call it interlocking mad block making machine, issb machine, interlocking brick machine though you will find more names for the machine in different parts of Kenya. listed below is the block making machine specification.

Two designs soil or concrete materials.prospikx005
Cheap, Durable easy to operate
Total Mass soil Machine -140Kg
Concrete and Soil 300-340Kg
Pressure 60-100 tons
Typical Block & Brick Size 290mm x 140mm x 115mm, 300mm, 150mm, and 100mm






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