concrete mixers

concrete mixers


Have you ever imagened how life was before the invention of a concrete mixer?. It is found that mixing of concrete materials with the help of machines is more efficient and it produces concrete of better quality in a short time. Thanks to columbus the ohio industrialist who discovered a concrete mixer then reffered to as apparatus for concrete work. A concrete mixer is a device or machinery that homogeneously combines/ mixes cement, aggregate such as sand, gravel, and water to form concrete. There are two main types of concrete mixers: In-trasit mixers and portable mixers. Most kenyan construction companies prefer using portable mixers because of their portability, purchase and mentainance cost. Most portable mixers will fit in the trunk of most cars while large capacity units can be towed easly on wheels or hoisted onto pickup trucks for longer distances. with their small size and easy portability it becomes easy to use them even on the most remote parts of kenya.

Mixing concrete manualyKafum concrete mixers are made at our Kariombangi factory in kenya capital Nairobi to very high specifications suitable for rugged, long term and continuous use. Having a long standing success record in this field, we stock all parts and provide a comprehensive back up service.
Mixing concrete using a concrete mixerThe 410 litre drum mixer with 6.5 HP, slow speed diesel engine has a mixing capacity of 250 litres and comprises the following:
    4mm plate drum construction
    9mm drum base plate
    Cast iron drive bull ring and pinion gear
    Chain and sprocket drum arm rotation
    Over-sized bearings for durability
    Perfectly designed for African conditions
    Can be towed behind any vehicle and does not require pick-up. We offer the best prices on Concrete mixers in Kenya. 

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