Plate Compactor

Plate Compactor


A plate compactor is a piece of construction equipment used to smooth and level the earth. It consists of a heavy steel plate mounted to the base of a machine, and bears some resemblance to a push-style or riding lawn mower. The plate compactor uses either a vibrating or pounding action to flatten the land beneath the plate in preparation for paving, landscaping or other work. These machines can be purchased for home or business use.

Kafum-Plate-compactorplate compactor

Builders and landscapers can choose from several types of plate compactor models, which differ in size, power, and operating mechanism. Vibrating units simply vibrate the plate to force air pockets out of the soil, resulting in compaction. In general, the larger the plate compactor, the greater pressure it is able to produce. Kafum engineering services offers quality, long-lasting plate compactors at amazing prices. Depending on the job, choose from reversible plate compactors, which are good in confined areas, and ones with built-in water tanks, which are great for small jobs. Plate compactors work with all types of materials including asphalt, dirt and cement. From contractors to handymen, with the discount prices offered by kafum, it usually makes more sense to buy a compactor rather than rent it.

Plate Compactor with 8.5 engine with high power and low fuel consumption powers the 21 1/2in. x 16 1/2in.
* Ductile iron base plate provides better durability
* Open plate provides self cleaning
* Easy-remove water tank with built-in valve
* Radius bass plate for easy access to corners
* Centrally located lifting bar and built-in wheel