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Stone crusher is widely used to crush all kinds of stones with soft, medium and high hardness
such as quartz, basalt, limestone, gravel, rock, pebble, barite, fluorite, dolomite, etc.
It is widely used in mining, quarry, construction, highway and other industries. Stone crusher
can be used for primary, secondary and fine crushing to meet different crushing stage needs.

We have stationary stone crusher and mobile stone crusher type for choice.
The leading stone crushers produced by our company include jaw crusher, cone crusher,
mobile crusher, etc. Jaw crusher can be used for primary / secondary/fine crushing of stones
and cone crusher is usually used for crushing of stones with medium and high hardness. Mobile
crusher/Portable Crusher is featured with high flexibility and mobility.
All of our stone crushers have full specifications; you can choose the small stone crusher,
medium size crusher or large one according to your needs.
About how to choose the crusher type, you can consider the following aspects: input size,
output size, production rates, equipment size, etc. If you are new in this industry, we will provide
suggestions and solutions according to your needs and material features.

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Crusher plastic/Plastic crusher is used to crush the big waste plastic products to small size.
The machine is easy to operate and simple to replace cutters. Spacious flat blade is suitable to
granulate bulky and thin plastics.

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Charcoal Briquetting MachineWe are the major manufacturers and consultants in briquetting of Biomass as well as charcoal powder. We offer the best machines and technologies at reasonable price to suit your requirements.

Kaum Engineering Works is a poineer in conceptualising and executing layouts, machinery and plants which deliver, cost effective and environment friendly, energy solutions. kafum agri machinery Engineering Works is the east and central africa leader in delivering Briquetting Technology machinery, with its machinery and plants working worldwide.

Working with the philosophy of delivering Environmentally Safe and cost effective energy solutions, kafum Works continuously researches and developes technology and machinery.

With the development of charcoal making technology and people’s awareness of the
environment, many bio-waste such as coconut shell, bamboo, wood branches, straws etc can
all be carbonized firstly, and then crushed into charcoal powder, then honeycomb briquette
machine can be used for make charcoal briquette which is no smoking or smell and burning
longer. Product’s shape can be adjusted according to customer’s will

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Hatari is a swahili word meaning danger and thas hatari mould is used for moulding a block with the word hatari (danger) to worn people to keep off the area indicated with the presence of the hatari indicater. this is mostly used to mark areas with underground ellectric cables, high presure water pipes or underground tannels or pits. Kafum hatari moulds are made using high quality materials by highly qualified fabrication experts to esure they are very user friendly and long lasting. 

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Since the invention of overhead ellectric transmision lines, Stayblocks have most commonly been used on overhead line construction projects world wide. These stayblocks anchor staywires from pylons or posts to provide a long lasting, secure solution. Kafum has been fabricating quality stay block moulds for over ten years and therefore has the experience and expertise to make them perfect

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Balustrades, handrails or balconyrail not only provide the necessary support to all those who ascend or descend a staircase, but they also add to the aesthetic value of any home or commercial place. Now, instead of the metal balustrades, many of the commercial areas and recidential homes are heavily using concrete balustrade, as it is durable, long-lasting and it also stands the test of time, and gives the best value for money. advantages for which they have now become quite popular in the commercial sectors. blustrade corner copping ensure that the corner joints are seemless and beautiful. To ensure this. the corner copping moulds has to be precise in design. contact kafum engineering for best Blustrade corner copping moulds in kenya.

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There are several advantages of using concrete building blocks in construction whether it is residential or commercial construction. The broad use of concrete blocks, or CMUs, is not just limited to industrial buildings, foundations, or retaining walls. ... A home built out of concrete block provides the homeowner with many benefits, including design flexibility, durability, efficiency among other benefits.  However, One of the major advantage concrete blocks hold over other construction materials is durability. Concrete does not rot or mold and is not damaged by insects or other pests. It is also fireproof, and a concrete block wall can be used as a firewall between rooms or structures. There are several methods of making concrete blocks both manual and by use of concrete block making machine. Kafum Plate type block machine is a robust muchine that has the capability to make a wide range of blocks and very high speed.

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Reinforced concrete Piller column is a combination of traditional cement concrete with reinforcements (steel bar). This combination is made to utilize the compressive strength of concrete and tensile strength of steel simultaneously.
In reinforced concrete Piller column, the components work together to resist many types of loading. Concrete resists compression and steel reinforcement resists tension forces.
Reinforced concrete Piller column, as an economic building material, is very popular nowadays. It is widely used in many types building around the world. Along with many advantages,
Reinforced concrete has a high compressive strength compared to other building materials. Due to the provided reinforcement, reinforced concrete Piller column can also withstand a good amount of tensile stress.
Fire and weather resistance of reinforced concrete Piller column is fair.
The reinforced concrete Piller column building system is more durable than any other piller system.
Kafum engineering Fabricated Piller column moulds Make it easy for construction companies to build reinforced concrete Piller column fast saving time and money making them the best choice for kenya construction companies

Pillar column are ideal for all big and small construction sites’ required to support heavy weight
and high quality finish
We produce concrete metal formwork which can either be Circular/Square/Rectangular of
different sizes and is made of heavy duty metal sheet formwork system for concrete wall, beam,
slab and column.
There are some ribs in the middle of metal formwork which can strengthen the formwork
Metal formwork is spray painted to against rustiness which can be reusable for many times.
Metal formwork is the all-round panel for many construction areas.

SKU Piller_column_mould

Since creation, One of the first building materials were mud bricks, molded by hand and dried in the sun for days. Later, bricks were made of clay and fired in kilns to create a strong, lasting material. The raw materials that were required to make bricks were plentiful, and brick-making quickly became a trade. Bricks are commonly made of a combination of clay and sand. The mineral content of the brick determines what color the brick will be. For instance, red bricks contain more iron, while whiter bricks have higher iron content. Throughout history, bricks have been used in every culture, from the Ancient Chinese to the Romans. People viewed brick as a stronger material than wood, as it was resilient to fire, rot, and pests. Brick has been used to build everything from homes to barriers to tombs. In modern times, bricks have been used to create outdoor living spaces like patios and bars, as well as for decorative uses, including flower pots, mailboxes, and other landscaping.  Kafum Standerd brick machine just like kafum interlocking block machine ensure high compression making the Standerd bricks made strong and durable

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corner kerbIn general, kerbs are essential in road pavements due to the following reasons
(i) They provide strength to the sides of road pavements and avoid lateral displacement of carriageway due to traffic loads.
(ii) In terms of road safety, they serve as a separation line between footway and carriageway and aid car drivers in driving safely.
(iii) They act as a vertical barrier to guide the surface runoff collected in road pavements to the gullies.

corner road kerb

SKU corner_kerb_mould

As an element of roads and highways, kerbs serve a number of purposes:
Defining the limits of the carriageway.
Containing the carriageway to prevent 'spreading' and loss of structural integrity.
Creating a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians.
Providing a physical 'check' to prevent vehicles leaving the carriageway.
Allowing surface water to drain away by forming a channel.

Traditionally, natural stone was the most commonly used material for kerbs, but these have now largely been replaced by pre-cast concrete.
Kerb construction
For most purposes, the top of the kerb should be 100 mm above the road surface. If kerbs are placed too high it can induce ‘kerb shyness’ which is where the width of the carriageway is effectively reduced.
Kerbs are typically laid on a concrete bed of at least 100 mm thickness in such a way that they are joined with the pavement. The back of the kerbing should be haunched with concrete to a thickness of at least 150 mm to provide lateral support. Kerbs can then be tapped down to the correct level. The joints between kerbs are often not mortared but instead they are laid as tight to each other as possible without risking the units spalling.

Kafum Road kerb moulds are manufuctured using the highest quality materials to ensure they mold excelent Road kerbs.

Road Kerb strengthens the concrete paving edges. The road kerb is used by building the roads
and Parking places in order to differ one surface form another when they are used by different
kind of transport. It is also used as an element to mark the elevated areas and pavements. They
are also found on large road schemes, such as motorways and dual carriageways.

Road kerbs serve a number of purposes
 Retaining the carriageway edge to prevent 'spreading' and loss of structural.
 Acting as a barrier or demarcation between road traffic and pedestrians.
 Providing physical 'check' to prevent vehicles leaving the carriageway.
 Forming a channel along which surface water can be drained.

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Without proper ventilation, a building can become a gas house of stagnant air, where bacteria and carbon build up making the indoor air hazardous for the inhabitants. the importance of breath and its control is emphasized to enjoy health benefits. And, like human bodies, buildings too need to breathe well.
Ventilation is the essential process of replacing stale air with fresh air. Without proper ventilation, buildings become susceptible to stagnant air, where bacteria and carbon make the indoor air more polluted than the air outside. It is important to have well-ventilated rooms at home, in the workplace and social places. A building shouled therefore have enough wall vents to promote good health practice.
Kafum engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Ventilation Mould. Designed in compliance with the global ventilation standards, these Ventilation Mould are available in varied sizes and shapes. We also make custom Ventilation Mould as per client's requirement. These mould have suitable holes that facilitate proper ventilation of air within the surrounding area. At kafum we understand this best and are commited to fabricating the best wall vent molding equipments.

We have different decorative/modern vents molds
Ventilation is to remove odors, CO2, heat and moisture from interior spaces. Individual well-
being is most important - whether it is to support concentration, to regulate room temperature or
just to breathe deeply.

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Concrete grill vents Blocks is a beautiful and practical product that can be used to decorate and promote natural lighting and ventilation at any commercial or residential project. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor and is often used for the construction of wall features, screen walls, partitions for building facades, stairwells and multi-level car parks, etc.
Concrete grill vents Block can be creatively incorporated into the design of any building to cut down on the monotony of a traditional wall surface while allowing the passage of air and light.
Concrete grill vent Block can function as a curtain wall that limits visibility into a property, thereby, protecting the privacy of occupants. Glare from direct sunlight is likewise reduced. The energy for air-conditioning and lighting can be cut down through the innovative use and implementation of Concrete grill vent Block. Kafum engineering kenya number one molding equipments fabrication company is a leader in grill vents mold fabrication in kenya.

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Precast Concrete Louver Vent blocks provide not only beauty but practical protection while allowing light and air into the functional space. They are especially useful in cutting heavy winds without blocking all circulation of air for ventilation.
The two-piece vent block [block and screen] can also be used for cross-ventilation in garages, foundations and range hoods. Foundation vents and exterior vents are your first line of defense against the moisture that can wreak havoc underneath a home. The best way to combat this moisture is to install top-quality foundation vents that allow trapped moisture to exit and maintain adequate circulation beneath the house or other structure. The vent blocks are reinforced with a galvanized frame. Our vent blocks are available with or without screens.
Without the protection of proper foundation vents, costly damage from damp rot, and possibly termite infestation, can occur. Foundation and exterior vents provide for the natural flow of fresh air under structures that keep moisture levels low and diminish the possibility of severe moisture damage. Proper ventilation in your crawlspace circulates fresh air beneath structures and removes musty, moist air. Kafum  louver vent molds are designed and manufuctured by highly qualified fabricaters making them the choice louver block moulds in kenya

We have Louvers molds used for ventilation and works as an air-conditioning system
Louvers are the most economical way of building ventilation, both economically and
Some modern louvers systems serve to improve indoor day lighting

SKU Louvers

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According to wikipedia, A road is a thoroughfare, route, or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travel by foot or some form of conveyance, including a motor vehicle, cart, bicycle, or horse.
Roads consist of one or two roadways (British English: carriageways), each with one or more lanes and any associated sidewalks (British English: pavement) and road verges. There is often a bike path. Other names for roads include parkways, avenues, freeways, tollways, interstates, highways, or primary, secondary, and tertiary local roads.
Prefabrication  of  any  structure  component off-site during  highway  construction  (or  reconstruction)  offers  major  time  and  user  cost  savingsin  comparison  with the  traditional  cast-inplace  methods  of  construction. Precast  prestressed  road  pavements’ technology  offers dramatic increase  in  durability,  while  it  also  substantially decreases the  construction  time  and  the  user  costs. The choise of material for molding concrete road paving blocks greatly influences the end product. be it a road kerb, paving block or side slab. kafum engineering understand this best and therefore ensure that all road construction molding equepments are made to pass the highest standerd.

A concrete slab is a common structural element of modern buildings. Horizontal slabs of steel
reinforced concrete, typically between 4 and 20 inches (100 and 500 millimeters) thick, are most
often used to construct floors and ceilings, while thinner slabs are also used for exterior paving.
Sometimes these thinner slabs, ranging from 2 inches (51 mm) to 6 inches (150 mm) thick, are
called mud slabs, particularly when used under the main floor slabs or in crawl spaces.
Slabs can be on-ground, suspended, or a mix of both. They can be insulated, both underneath
and on the edges.

SKU Side_Slab

Paving slabs are commonly referred to as pavement. They are a very popular application choice around landscaped areas on residential properties in Kenya. They are very flexible pavements that can be applied to the smallest or largest area around your home. Paving is a very beneficial application because of the endless color, size and shape choices as well as the endless material choice. Paving slabs are very popular on commercial properties because they offer that extra spark to the outdoors and create a stylish and unique appearance
One of the keys to having a successfully laid paving slab is to have the ground excavated slightly sloped away from the home to ensure that the slab creates its own run off when it is in contact with water. There are many important considerations when building a paving slab so it may be wise for homeowners to hire an experienced professional rather than doing it themselves.
Paving Slab Benefits
There are many reasons why these are a popular choice amongst homeowners. First is the unlimited design and pattern option that allows homeowners to be as creative as they please. Paving slabs are also very durable and strong which is beneficial because it means that they will last for many years. The choice of color is also endless which allows us to choose different shades of materials to suit and compliment the surroundings of our homes. They can also be installed in very little time and they are very economical. Looking for where to buy paving slab moulding equipments?. come to kafum.

This mold is used make slabs for walk ways in estates, town, house and gardens
 Has an authentic good appearance
 Product can be of consistent colours for an attractive appearance
 From four to eight face profiles per size for a non-replicating look

 Can be used alongside a range of complementary products and features
The sizes are uniform enough to enable the paving to be butt jointed (no cement joints)

SKU Paving_Slab

Socket Culverts

SKU Socket_Culverts

Inverted Block Drainage in kenya

 Our inverted block drainage making mold are built with high quality material, by a high quality experienced team to give them their professional quality finish, they will require very little maintenance. in adition to very little training. all the molding equipments come with a instruction manual to help you on your way to producing quality bricks & blocks. when it come to cost We aim to bring your business affordable block making solutions. We supply high quality brick making equipments without the high price tag attached. Quality doesn't have to be expensive.


inverted-block-drainageinverted block drainage molds

SKU Inverted_block_drainage

With this machine, the market needs are identified where there is nil power required
because of the manual system. It’s a low cost machine, its relatively light
machine/portable and it’s economical; it can be operated by less number of personnel
because it’s easier
It is apparently a very heavy manual machine of relatively low production-producing only
250-350 blocks/ 8hr shift. The machine produces a maximum of 4 blocks per cycle,
where each block (in wet state) weighs around 12kg

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terrazzo-machineTerrazzo flooring in one of the oldest and the most durable form of flooring. Here in Kenya the technology was brought in by Italians in the 1960s.It is said that terrazzo lasts the life time of the building provided it is laid using the right procedure and maintained properly. At kafum engineering we fabricate high quality terrazzo machines that are easy to use and maintain. The biggest worry of any terrazzo floor expert is where to buy a terrazzo grinding machine and pocket friendly price. kafum caters for all this

Electric Motor 3 Hp
Motor Speed: 1400rpm
Motor Type: Induction Motor, Single Phase
Grinding Disc Diameter: 12inches








terrazzo machineterrazzo grinding machine

SKU terrazzo_machines

 The stone is cut by Diamond tipped blade under constant clean water pressure supplied by a water pump. The cutting water is recycled through the water tanks in the ground . the cutting blade is adjustable to suit different cutting sizes. The moving trolley can be loaded with stones for 2420 mm long for cutting one side of stone in one operation.

mazeras cutterMarble cutter

Also available is Double Blade Stone Cutting Machine for quick cutting both sides of the stone hence reducing cutting cost and doubling production.The life span of the diamond tip blade is approx.. 15,000 running foot.Specially designed stone cutting machine 300m / 600m Diamond tipped blade for cutting small stones / tiles / Mazera stone can be manufactured as per customer specification. If you are searching for Where to buy stone cutting machine in kenya at affordable prices look no further. 


SKU stone_cutter

as every good construction expert will tell you that a waffle slabs provide a lighter and stiffer slab than an equivalent flat slab, reducing the extent of foundations. They provide a very good form of construction where slab vibration is an issue, such as laboratories and hospitals.waffle mold
compared to ribbed slabs, waffle slabs tend to be deeper than the equivalent ribbed slab. Waffle slabs have a thin topping slab and narrow ribs spanning in both directions between column heads or band beams. The column heads or band beams are the same depth as the ribs. to produce a good waffle one need to consider the waffle mold its made on. trust me you cannot compromise on this. below are some advantages of using waffle in your construction.Flexible

  • Relatively light, therefore less foundation costs and longer spans are economic
  • Speed of construction
  • Fairly slim floor depths
  • Robustness
  • Excellent vibration control
  • Thermal mass
  • Good for services integration
  • Durable finishes
  • Fire resistance

SKU waffle_molds

1n a 1925 booklet, the Portland Cement Association praises the superior qualities of concrete fence posts. Apparently at that time these posts were becoming very popular for several reasons. Concrete posts:

  • become stronger with age
  • are not damaged by fireconcrete mailbox post
  • weeds along the fence line can be burned without damaging posts
  • are not affected by weather, insects or fungi
  • will not rot
  • reducing expense and time of replacement
  • are uniform in size and shape
  • easy to line up and set for an attractive appearance
  • stay put

Concrete fence posts are fairly easy to make if you have the right molds. Their final shape will be determined by the molds used. metal molds are acceptable. At the time the booklet was printed, metal molds for posts were available to purchase. at kafum engineering works we have been fabricating concrete fence posts molds for more than ten years and can proundly say that our molds are the best.



fencing post mould


post molds


concrete post molds

SKU fencing_posts_molds

ccmoldA concrete product can only ever be as good as the mold it was made in – words to live by and trust when it comes to mold equipment.
Kafum engineering works vast experience coupled with our engineering and manufacturing abilities, enables the supply of precise, robust and long-lasting molding equipments, able to produce all manner of concrete molds

Our Culvert molds are made from high quality corrosion resistant materials that ensure that they are not worn out by cement, hash weather conditions and shock during handling. they come in various  sizes and shapes. we also make according to the customers specifications. my friend if you are thinking of where to buy good quality culvert molding equipments kafum is here for you








SKU culvert_molds

Have you ever imagened how life was before the invention of a concrete mixer?. It is found that mixing of concrete materials with the help of machines is more efficient and it produces concrete of better quality in a short time. Thanks to columbus the ohio industrialist who discovered a concrete mixer then reffered to as apparatus for concrete work. A concrete mixer is a device or machinery that homogeneously combines/ mixes cement, aggregate such as sand, gravel, and water to form concrete. There are two main types of concrete mixers: In-trasit mixers and portable mixers. Most kenyan construction companies prefer using portable mixers because of their portability, purchase and mentainance cost. Most portable mixers will fit in the trunk of most cars while large capacity units can be towed easly on wheels or hoisted onto pickup trucks for longer distances. with their small size and easy portability it becomes easy to use them even on the most remote parts of kenya.

Mixing concrete manualyKafum concrete mixers are made at our Kariombangi factory in kenya capital Nairobi to very high specifications suitable for rugged, long term and continuous use. Having a long standing success record in this field, we stock all parts and provide a comprehensive back up service.
Mixing concrete using a concrete mixerThe 410 litre drum mixer with 6.5 HP, slow speed diesel engine has a mixing capacity of 250 litres and comprises the following:
    4mm plate drum construction
    9mm drum base plate
    Cast iron drive bull ring and pinion gear
    Chain and sprocket drum arm rotation
    Over-sized bearings for durability
    Perfectly designed for African conditions
    Can be towed behind any vehicle and does not require pick-up. We offer the best prices on Concrete mixers in Kenya. 

SKU concrete_mixers

makingaInterlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB) technology has been gaining recognition in East Africa, particularly in Kenya. The material and method of construction has the advantages of low cost and minimal environmental impact, while providing comparable quality to conventional fired brick construction. at kafum engineering we are committed to designing and manufacturing interlocking stabilized soil brick  machines (ISSB) in Kenya using high quality material yet maintaining the affordability factor. this has seen many young people start micro stabilized soil brick manufacturing plants, creating jobs and providing livelihood for thousands of families in Kenya. also known as makiga stabilized soil block machine, many Kenyans call it interlocking mad block making machine, issb machine, interlocking brick machine though you will find more names for the machine in different parts of Kenya. listed below is the block making machine specification.

Two designs soil or concrete materials.prospikx005
Cheap, Durable easy to operate
Total Mass soil Machine -140Kg
Concrete and Soil 300-340Kg
Pressure 60-100 tons
Typical Block & Brick Size 290mm x 140mm x 115mm, 300mm, 150mm, and 100mm






Interlocking blick machineInterlocking block machines



SKU ISSB_Machine

Concrete blocks, also called cinder blocks and cement blocks, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are made out of a mixture of cement, sand, barast and water.  Use of hollow concrete block reduces number of joints in work and hence helps in saving mortar. Hollow concrete block have good insulating properties against sound, heat and dampness. Hollow concrete block masonry can safely withstand harsh atmospheric conditions and it requires no protective covering.
Kafum engineering has the expertise and knowhow to munufucture high quality hollow block machines that ensure quality hollow blocks molding with minimum human inpute, saving time and money. Order yours today at affordable prices

The secret to molding good quality hollow blocks that will keep customers coming back is choosing a superior quality hollow block molding machine. hollow block machines manufacturers like kafum has the experience and know how to make heavy duty reliable block makers that ensure blocks produced meet the block building standards in Kenya

SKU Hollow_block_machines

splitter labelledprojects have a maximum jaw opening of around 100mm and a jaw length of 300-450mm, while those used to split flags and natural stone tend to be noticeably bigger, and may incorporate a hydraulic jack to maximise the cutting power on thicker, tougher materials work by adjusting the height of the jaw opening via a screw mechanism so that the block (or other elements) to be cut just fits between the upper and lower blades and then using the eccentric cam attached to the lever to force the upper blade downwards, exerting pressure onto the block and causing it to snap in line with the blades

SKU Cabro_Cutter


solid block mould

At kafum engineering, We are involve in offering superior quality Solid Block Mould. These Solid Block Mould are made from high quality of raw material which ensure durability at its user end. These Solid Block Mould are available in market at most economical rates.
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Solid Block Mould in kenya


SKU solid_block_mould

The blustrade commonly referred to as spindle or stair stick technology has revolutionasid the general outlook of buildings adding beauty and class. Kafum engineering services traveled the many counties of Kenya to study the various forms of architecture that were used to design the majestic buildings and structures of ancient times. These beautiful kenyan coastal and inland  and european-designed Balusters are proudly offered to you today through kafum engineering services to grace your railings, balconies, retaining walls, and terraces.

Concrete Balustrade mold is accessible to everyone, without any special knowledge in masonry
you will be able to make as many balusters you want by making a cast cement, sand and water.
Our concrete molds are guaranteed 300 minimum uses









SKU Baluster




Concrete vibrators consolidate freshly poured concrete so that trapped air and excess water are released and the concrete settles firmly in place in the formwork. Improper consolidation of concrete can cause product defects, compromise the concrete strength, and produce surface blemishes such as bug holes and honeycombing. Vibrating tables or shake tables are sometimes used to test products to determine or demonstrate their ability to withstand vibration. Testing of this type is commonly done in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. These machines are capable of producing three different types of vibration profile sine sweep, random vibration, and synthesized shock. In all three of these applications, the part under test will typically be instrumented with one or more accelerometers to measure component response to the vibration input. A sine sweep vibration profile typically starts vibrating at low frequency and increases in frequency at a set rate (measured in hertz per second or hertz per minute). The vibratory amplitude as measured in gs may increase or decrease as well. A sine sweep will find resonant frequencies in the part. A random vibration profile will excite different frequencies along a spectrum at different times. Kafum engineering services offers affordable, effective and durable vibrating tables to suit any industrial or construction application. From settling material for shipping or consolidating concrete, kafum has a Vibrating Table solution to meet your needs.
We have the shortest vibrating table lead times on the market. That means that you will have the vibrating tables that you want, exactly when you want them.
Kafum Vibrating Tables Help Reduce Costs


Vibrating screen

Concrete and Construction Applications

Reduce the need to trowel during pours
Reduce or eliminate the need to hand finishing to remove flaws caused by trapped air
 Dramatically improve product quality and reduce defects without increasing costs

Industrial Applications
 Put more material into smaller containers
 Ship less air
 Reduce overflow and spillover waste at filling stations
 Perform fatigue testing
 Top quality, fastest delivery

Size 4”x4”
Electric Motor 5Hp
We also custom make according to your use. We know that you are seaching for vibration tables sale in Kenya. Search no more. We have the best price on vibration tables in Kenya and the africa region at learge

Vibration table



SKU Vibration_Table

A plate compactor is a piece of construction equipment used to smooth and level the earth. It consists of a heavy steel plate mounted to the base of a machine, and bears some resemblance to a push-style or riding lawn mower. The plate compactor uses either a vibrating or pounding action to flatten the land beneath the plate in preparation for paving, landscaping or other work. These machines can be purchased for home or business use.

Kafum-Plate-compactorplate compactor

Builders and landscapers can choose from several types of plate compactor models, which differ in size, power, and operating mechanism. Vibrating units simply vibrate the plate to force air pockets out of the soil, resulting in compaction. In general, the larger the plate compactor, the greater pressure it is able to produce. Kafum engineering services offers quality, long-lasting plate compactors at amazing prices. Depending on the job, choose from reversible plate compactors, which are good in confined areas, and ones with built-in water tanks, which are great for small jobs. Plate compactors work with all types of materials including asphalt, dirt and cement. From contractors to handymen, with the discount prices offered by kafum, it usually makes more sense to buy a compactor rather than rent it.

Plate Compactor with 8.5 engine with high power and low fuel consumption powers the 21 1/2in. x 16 1/2in.
* Ductile iron base plate provides better durability
* Open plate provides self cleaning
* Easy-remove water tank with built-in valve
* Radius bass plate for easy access to corners
* Centrally located lifting bar and built-in wheel




SKU Plate_Compactor