Precast Concrete Louver Vent blocks provide not only beauty but practical protection while allowing light and air into the functional space. They are especially useful in cutting heavy winds without blocking all circulation of air for ventilation.
The two-piece vent block [block and screen] can also be used for cross-ventilation in garages, foundations and range hoods. Foundation vents and exterior vents are your first line of defense against the moisture that can wreak havoc underneath a home. The best way to combat this moisture is to install top-quality foundation vents that allow trapped moisture to exit and maintain adequate circulation beneath the house or other structure. The vent blocks are reinforced with a galvanized frame. Our vent blocks are available with or without screens.
Without the protection of proper foundation vents, costly damage from damp rot, and possibly termite infestation, can occur. Foundation and exterior vents provide for the natural flow of fresh air under structures that keep moisture levels low and diminish the possibility of severe moisture damage. Proper ventilation in your crawlspace circulates fresh air beneath structures and removes musty, moist air. Kafum  louver vent molds are designed and manufuctured by highly qualified fabricaters making them the choice louver block moulds in kenya

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